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Area: News | 11/27/2012 |

As the saying goes “The tailor's wife is the worst clad”, and we have done honor to the proverb having an “Under Construction” sign for much more time than we could accept. Finally, today, we replaced it with our brand-new website, and with it, the 2.0 version of our powerful administrative backend called “Altamira”.

Having worked on the Internet, almost from its beginnings, we developed all kind of systems, multimedia, interfaces and creative solutions for our clients, without losing sight of the functionality, security and, of course, the design. Working in “Altamira” and our new website, show us the complexity of development work being our own client, the standards are higher and the criticisms sharper.

PS: We trick ourselves and the launching of our new website was done with a fistful of projects, sorry about that. We are going to add new projects soon.


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